Kazakhstan: Review of the Central Administration

image of Kazakhstan: Review of the Central Administration

This review examines the functioning, structure and organisation of the central government and line ministries in Kazakhstan, as well as their capacities to implement national objectives and priorities, outlined in the Kazakhstan’s Vision 2050. It also focuses on tools, strategic management and accountability frameworks in the Government of Kazakhstan, in line with the strategic management principles outlined in the General Approaches to Modernization of Public Administration of Kazakhstan by 2020.


Assessment of the functions and organisation of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies

Kazakhstan’s Gross Domestic Product has increased at the remarkable average rate of 8% a year since 2000. The main engine of this growth has been the development of extractive industries, backed by the country’s immense natural wealth in oil, gas, coal, uranium and non-ferrous metals. According to the World Bank’s accounting, the total rent provided by oil, natural gas and coal, which had fallen at 13% of the GDP at its lowest in 1998, has fluctuated between a third and half of the GDP since 2005.


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