Justice Transformation in Portugal

Building on Successes and Challenges

image of Justice Transformation in Portugal

Portugal has embarked on an ambitious agenda to guide the transformation of the justice sector. The report takes stock of the Portugal's justice sector modernisaton reforms and more current efforts to make the justice sector more transparent, accessible and effective. It examines specific programmes aimed at promoting innovation, humanisation and proximity to citizens through the use of digital technologies, simplification and demateralisation of procedures. Finally, the report identifies results and provide policy recommendations to support Portugal on its journey to provide justice services to meet the needs of citizens and businesses.


Sustaining a transformed people-centred justice sector

This chapter examines approaches to enhance the sustainability of the current justice reform agenda in Portugal. It puts a particular emphasis on evaluation and monitoring, including measurement of the justice sector performance, indicators, cost-benefit analysis and stakeholder assessments. It aims to provide for a robust analytical framework based on a detailed theory of change and enhanced data collection processes.


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