International Regulatory Co-operation and International Organisations

The Cases of the OECD and the IMO

image of International Regulatory Co-operation and International Organisations

The world is witnessing the progressive emergence of an open, dynamic, globalised economy, and the intensification of global challenges such as systemic risks, environmental protection, human health or safety. Against this background, governments are increasingly seeking to ensure greater co-ordination on regulatory objectives, processes and enforcement and to eliminate unnecessary regulatory divergences and redundancies. International regulatory co-operation (IRC) represents a critical opportunity to foster sustainable and inclusive growth through lower barriers to international flows and better rules of the game for all. It is real but remains largely untapped. This publication presents findings and two case studies from an April 2014 meeting on the role of international organisations in IRC, as well as a contribution from K. W. Abbott, on International organisations and international regulatory co-operation: Exploring the links.


Agenda and summary record of the meeting held on 16 April 2014

The OECD is convening this closed-door meeting that will bring together officials from international organisations (IOs) and member countries to share their experience in supporting regulatory co-operation across jurisdictions in a range of policy sectors, including health, food and agriculture, trade, labour and environment. The meeting is structured in several roundtables introduced by leading academics, building on preliminary case studies, to maximise the opportunities for discussion and inputs from the participants.


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