Integrity Review of Public Procurement in Quebec, Canada

A Strategic Approach to Corruption Risks

image of Integrity Review of Public Procurement in Quebec, Canada

This report provides a targeted analysis of the measures taken to strengthen integrity and combat corruption in public procurement in Quebec, Canada. It was produced at the request of the Government of Quebec following the uncovering of cases of corruption by the Commission of Inquiry on the Awarding and Management of Public Contracts in the Construction Industry (Charbonneau Commission). This report analyses the progress made in implementing the recommendations of the Charbonneau Commission and benchmarks these measures against good practices in OECD countries. The report highlights how to adopt a strategic and proactive approach to developing a robust integrity system and ways to mitigate the risks of corruption at all stages of the public procurement cycle.

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The use of competitive public procurement in Quebec

The integrity of the contract management system is directly related to the modes of procurement used by public and municipal bodies that require different degrees of competition, but also to the selection and award criteria chosen, which may be restrictive or manipulated in order to award a public contract to a given supplier. Moreover, integrity cannot be assessed without analysing the level of transparency of the system and its digitisation in terms of procedures and access to information and various documents throughout the contract management cycle. The purpose of this chapter is therefore to analyse the system in place in Quebec in terms of procurement methods, selection and award criteria and transparency, and to provide recommendations on measures to strengthen the integrity of the contract management system.

English Also available in: French

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