Integrity Framework for Public Investment

image of Integrity Framework for Public Investment

Public investment, and particularly infrastructure investment, is important for sustainable economic growth and development as well as public service provision. However, it is also vulnerable to capture and corruption. This publication examines the direct and indirect benefits of public investment if carried out in a clean and efficient manner. It provides a Framework for Integrity in Public Investment, mapping out risks of corruption at each phase of the investment cycle. It also identifies tools and mechanisms to promote integrity in the public investment cycle and provides examples of their successful implementation in both the public and private sectors.

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Integrity in public investment for sustainable economic growth

Public investment is an essential element for sustainable economic growth which also could result in significant consequences when it is not properly carried out. In this regard, avoiding capture in public investment projects is crucial in order to maximise its economic and social benefits. Building on this idea, this chapter maps out the integrity risks associated with each phase of the public investment cycle in order to appropriately address the integrity risks resulting from the complexity and the multiple stakeholders involved in public investment projects.

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