Innovation Skills in the Public Sector

Building Capabilities in Chile

image of Innovation Skills in the Public Sector

The Government of Chile has set out a vision to develop a more inclusive society, and sees public sector innovation as a means to achieve it. But in order to achieve these ambitious goals, the Government will need to improve the innovation-related skills and capabilities of the Chilean public service. This report, the first of its kind on an OECD country, assesses the abilities, motivations and opportunities in Chile’s public service for contributing to innovation, and provides recommendations on how to further develop them.

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Motivating Chilean public employees to innovate

This chapter discusses the ways that Chilean civil servants are motivated to contribute to innovation. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic and can be encouraged or discouraged by management practices, rewards and recognition and by organisational culture. The chapter suggests the need to understand organisational culture as both a cause and effect of public sector innovation and suggests opportunities to measure and benchmark elements of organisational culture through the use of employee surveys. The use of innovation awards are one important tool that is used in Chile to build a more innovation oriented organisational culture. Suggestions are made to make more use of the innovation cases that are submitted to the award in order to share ideas and inspire new ones. Chile has also taken steps to develop an innovator’s network and suggestions are given to maximise the potential of this group.

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