Innovation Skills in the Public Sector

Building Capabilities in Chile

image of Innovation Skills in the Public Sector

The Government of Chile has set out a vision to develop a more inclusive society, and sees public sector innovation as a means to achieve it. But in order to achieve these ambitious goals, the Government will need to improve the innovation-related skills and capabilities of the Chilean public service. This report, the first of its kind on an OECD country, assesses the abilities, motivations and opportunities in Chile’s public service for contributing to innovation, and provides recommendations on how to further develop them.

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Creating an innovation-ready public sector workforce in Chile

This chapter takes stock of the efforts underway in Chile’s public sector to build innovation capabilities in the public sector and charts a way forward. Public sector innovation involves different areas that have complex interrelations. As such, fostering innovation requires developing parallel and complementary approaches by different actors. In this sense, this section suggests a path forward for three of the institutions that play a major role in public sector innovation: the Laboratorio de Gobierno, whose mandate is to foster public sector innovation capabilities across government; the National Civil Service Directorate, for its central role in the recruitment, development and management of civil servants; and all public leaders and managers in the Chilean civil service, who are central to implementing change and unleashing the potential of innovators.

English Also available in: Spanish

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