Innovation Skills and Leadership in Brazil's Public Sector

Towards a Senior Civil Service System

image of Innovation Skills and Leadership in Brazil's Public Sector

In Brazil, as in other countries, innovation in the public sector is a core leadership challenge. Reflection is required on who these leaders are, what they should be able to do, and how they should be selected and held accountable to achieve results. This study establishes a new assessment framework for senior civil service (SCS) systems, based on the 2019 OECD Recommendation on Public Service Leadership and Capability. Using this framework, the study assesses Brazil’s current system and recommends specific actions to improve it. The report also contributes to a broader debate on public leadership competencies in public sector innovation, and the systems needed to appoint the most effective people and help them achieve results.



Key skills for innovative leaders in Brazil’s federal administration

This chapter maps the evolution of public sector leadership competencies, arguing that the call for public sector innovation requires leadership that is not only transformational, but also horizontal and distributed. It then presents the concept of leadership competency frameworks, illustrated by various examples used in many OECD countries. It then identifies the types of skills, mindsets and behaviours that leaders need to support innovation in the Brazilian context, based on insights from public servants and in the federal administration.


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