Improving Regulatory Governance

Trends, Practices and the Way Forward

image of Improving Regulatory Governance

Regulations help governments support economic growth, social welfare and environmental protection. The challenge is to design clear, coherent, and efficient regulations and to effectively implement them. This report presents cutting-edge thinking in how to facilitate good regulatory design and implementation. Jointly developed by the OECD and the Korea Development Institute, the report builds on a series of expert papers that analyse the experience of Korea and other OECD members in designing and implementing regulatory oversight, stakeholder engagement, regulatory impact assessment and ex post evaluation. It identifies forthcoming challenges, possible solutions and areas for further analysis that can help governments in OECD member and partner countries improve their regulatory systems.



Understanding and improving regulatory oversight: Canadian systems and experiences with a focus on the Treasury Board Secretariat as central oversight agency

This chapter provides a closer look at regulatory oversight in the federal government of Canada, with a special emphasis on the role and functions of the Treasury Board Secretariat. It finds that Canada’s system of regulatory oversight is one composed of central agency and ministerial dimensions of Cabinet government and which shows examples of the benefits of oversight but also its growing complexity. It also stresses the much greater and needed presence of, and attention to, life-cycle regulation in policies about regulation, regarding regulatory plans but critically also in environmental and sustainable development realms/departments and therefore oversight. It also highlights efforts to both increase the role of scientific advice in oversight, as well as establish more independence for regulators and advisory bodies who produce scientific advice. Finally, the case study finds that oversight functions at the centre depend on competent, knowledgeable and dedicated staff but also on adequate budgets that are fit for purpose (indeed purposes).


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