Improving Regulatory Governance

Trends, Practices and the Way Forward

image of Improving Regulatory Governance

Regulations help governments support economic growth, social welfare and environmental protection. The challenge is to design clear, coherent, and efficient regulations and to effectively implement them. This report presents cutting-edge thinking in how to facilitate good regulatory design and implementation. Jointly developed by the OECD and the Korea Development Institute, the report builds on a series of expert papers that analyse the experience of Korea and other OECD members in designing and implementing regulatory oversight, stakeholder engagement, regulatory impact assessment and ex post evaluation. It identifies forthcoming challenges, possible solutions and areas for further analysis that can help governments in OECD member and partner countries improve their regulatory systems.



Improving regulatory governance: Ex post evaluation

This chapter builds on recent OECD work, to offer some general considerations on the application, success and challenges of ex post evaluation of regulations by governments. The chapter provides some reflective thinking on a number of issues to inform the refinement of the governance underpinning the design, implementation and management of ex post evaluation and the related reforms. There are two potential tensions that may emerge when organising and carrying out ex post evaluations. The first tension spans along the centralisation – de-centralisation – outsourcing spectrum. This requires properly organising the plurality of the channels, of the actors and of their “entry points” that form the evaluation regime. A second tension may by reflected by the trade-off between quantity and quality – i.e. between the number of the evaluations and their relevance to decision-making in terms of comprehensiveness (depth), timing, and hence usefulness and of the analysis.


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