Improving Governance with Policy Evaluation

Lessons From Country Experiences

image of Improving Governance with Policy Evaluation

Policy evaluation is a critical element of good governance, as it promotes public accountability and contributes to citizens’ trust in government. Evaluation helps ensure that decisions are rooted in trustworthy evidence and deliver desired outcomes. Drawing on the first significant cross-country survey of policy evaluation practices covering 42 countries, this report offers a systemic analysis of the institutionalisation, quality and use of evaluation across countries and looks at how these three dimensions interrelate. The report also covers cross-cutting aspects related to regulatory assessment and performance budgeting. The analysis illustrates the role and functions of key institutions within the executive, such as centres of government and ministries of finance. It also underlines the role of supreme audit institutions.


Executive Summary

Policy evaluation contributes fundamentally to sound public governance. It can help governments improve the design and implementation of public policies that can, in turn, lead to prosperity for their country and well-being for its citizens. Policy evaluation contributes to promoting public accountability, learning and increased public sector effectiveness through improved decision-making.


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