Implementing Technical Regulations in Mexico

image of Implementing Technical Regulations in Mexico

Regulations are indispensable for the proper functioning of society and markets. Technical regulations, referred to as NOMs in Mexico, set specific safety and quality requirements for products across sectors. Implementing Technical Regulations in Mexico provides the first assessment of the challenges facing regulatory delivery of technical regulations carried out under the aegis of the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee. This report analyses the delivery of Mexican NOMs, focusing on policies and practices around conformity assessment and regulatory inspections. Based on an analysis of NOMs’ framework and implementation policies and practices, the review identifies key areas for improvement and provides recommendations for Mexico to develop a whole-of-government and systemic approach to regulatory delivery of technical regulations.

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Regulatory inspections and market surveillance

This chapter provides an overview of the different regulatory inspections used to supervise, promote and enforce compliance with NOMs. These include market surveillance activities (control of consumer products on the market), as well as a range of other inspection types and fields such as medicines safety, food safety, occupational safety and health, inter alia. The chapter gives an overview of the resources and approaches that regulatory authorities use to plan and conduct inspections and enforcement activities.

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