Hungary: Reforming the State Territorial Administration

image of Hungary: Reforming the State Territorial Administration

This review focuses on the objectives and direction of the State Territorial Administration Reform (STAR) that the Government of Hungary launched in 2010. It provides an evidence-based evaluation of the current state of the reform and identifies steps that can be taken to improve territorial-administration governance and improve service delivery. The review presents practical recommendations to strengthen the structures, processes and resources of the territorial state administration, including opportunities for co-ordination and collaboration between the central, territorial and local self-government administration.



Origins of the State Territorial Administration Reform in Hungary and rationale for government intervention

This chapter summarises the origins of Hungary’s State Territorial Administrative Reform (STAR) agenda and assesses the rationale for its implementation. The STAR initiative appeared as one of the top programmatic priorities of the government elected in 2010. This chapter assesses this endeavour rooted within the so-called “Good State” concept outlined in Hungary’s “Magyary Programmes”, which establish the principles of cost-effectiveness, transparency, integrity and professionalism as well as expertise as the building blocks of the reform.


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