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Latin America and the Caribbean 2014: Towards Innovative Public Financial Management

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Latin American and Caribbean Government at a Glance offers a dashboard of more than 30 indicators to help decision makers and citizens analyze and benchmark government performance both within the LAC region and compared to the OECD countries. The publication focuses in four broad areas: budgeting practices; public sector pay and employment; public procurement and public finances. Furthermore, the policy chapter deepens in the budgetary and fiscal innovations which have taken place for the LAC region in the past years.

Despite the fact that the LAC region has not been so badly affected by the recent Global and Financial crisis, the Latin American an Carribbean Government at a Glance argues that governments need to be more inclusive, transparent, receptive and efficient. For that, they need to improve among other budgetary, employment and procurement practices, as well as increase the transparency levels.

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Compensation of middle managers

Middle managers fulfil an essential role in public administrations as they are located between senior managers and professionals. They are crucial for the co-ordination between high-level mandates and the execution of policies and projects. Furthermore, they are in charge of implementing human resource management reforms, and building trust and social dialogue with all public employees. D3 managers provide leadership and management to teams of professionals within their particular areas. They establish and manage budgets, control expenditure and ensure the efficient use of resources. D4 managers formulate and administer policy advice and control selection, training and performance of staff.

English Also available in: Spanish


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