Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean 2017

image of Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean 2017

This second edition of Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean provides the latest available data on public administrations in the LAC region and compares it to OECD countries. It contains new indicators on public finances, centres of government, regulatory governance, open government, digital government and public procurement. This edition also includes a special feature on health budgeting.

After a decade of sustained economic growth reinforced by high commodity prices, economic conditions are deteriorating in the LAC region. In this context, LAC governments are expected to design and deliver more inclusive, transparent  and efficient policies. This report provides policy makers with performance measurements and offers comparative perspective. Good indicators are needed more than ever to help governments make informed decisions and tough choices, in order to  maintain progress and improvements in the region.

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Stakeholder engagement and transparency

Stakeholder engagement is a central and fundamental pillar of regulatory policy. The central objective of regulatory policy – ensuring that regulations are designed and implemented in the public interest – can only be achieved with help from those subject to regulations, be they citizens, business, civil society or other members of the community. Stakeholder engagement allows governments to collect better evidence as a basis for their decisions. It aims to improve the quality of the rule-making process by getting more diverse inputs and opinions from those who will be affected by government’s decisions. Moreover, engaging affected parties in the process of developing new regulations has shown to increase the sense of ownership and to lead to better compliance with regulations. A transparent regulatory process increases credibility and trust in regulatory institutions.

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