Government at a Glance: How Korea Compares

image of Government at a Glance: How Korea Compares

This report provides a series of indicators on Korea's policymaking practices and government performance compared to those of other OECD countries and of the G7 countries. Based on the Korean government reform objectives, this publication discusses how to strengthen evidence-based policymaking in the Korean public administration and, more generally, how to improve public service delivery and results for more inclusive growth. Although Korea is currently in an enviable fiscal situation compared to other OECD and G7 countries, the growing old-age-dependency ratio will inevitably increase budget pressures in the coming years. Concrete actions are therefore needed now to promote greater efficiency and value for money in public spending and public service delivery.



Government performance and the education system in Korea

This chapter presents and analyses the most recent data around the governance and performance of the education system in Korea, summarising some of the main findings presented in Education at a Glance 2015 but also drawing on other sources. It provides an overview of public satisfaction with the education system and schools, and then assesses the level of private and public expenditure on education and discusses issues around access to upper secondary education and tertiary education. Using the results from the 2012 OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and other data sources, this chapter also presents indicators on the performance of Korean students to international standardised tests on mathematics, science and reading as well as indicators of equity in learning outcomes and on the transition from school to work in Korea.



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