Government at a Glance 2021

image of Government at a Glance 2021

The 2021 edition includes input indicators on public finance and employment; process indicators include data on institutions, budgeting practices, human resources management, regulatory governance, public procurement, governance of infrastructure, public sector integrity, open government and digital government. Outcome indicators cover core government results (e.g. trust, political efficacy, inequality reduction) and indicators on access, responsiveness, quality and satisfaction for the education, health and justice sectors. Governance indicators are useful for monitoring and benchmarking governments’ progress in their public sector reforms.

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Green budgeting to support a green recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has led governments to take unprecedented fiscal policy action as an immediate emergency response to support public services, households and businesses. Existing challenges from climate change and environmental degradation have mobilised governments to address national and international green objectives in the recovery period. These recovery packages can help increase resilience to future shocks and reduce risks, including those related to climate change, while also helping to finance the extraordinary expenditure associated with recovery from the pandemic through cost-effective approaches and investments.

English Also available in: French



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