Governance for Sustainable Development

Five OECD Case Studies

image of Governance for Sustainable Development

This publication presents five governmental experiments aimed at promoting sustainable development in Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. These countries were selected on the basis of their diversity in terms of size and natural conditions. They also display a variety of economic, environmental and social conditions and cultural patterns. The five case studies illustrate specific institutional and decision-making efforts to adapt governance frameworks in order to respond to sustainable development challenges. The country studies are introduced by an analytical section, which focuses mainly on the way governments (at all levels) could develop integrated approaches to decision-making, on how they could ensure effective participation of civil society, and how they could improve their capacity to "take a longer-term view" - that is to design policies that remain sustainable over the longer-term.

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Governance for Sustainable Development (Summary in Polish) / Governance for Sustainable Development (Summary in Polish)

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