Good Governance in Egypt

Legislative Drafting Manual for Better Policy

image of Good Governance in Egypt

This report looks at the role of legislative drafting manuals in enhancing legislative and regulatory quality. It presents experiences and good practices from both OECD and MENA countries in the preparation and application of these manuals. In particular, the report discusses the preparation of Egypt’s legislative drafting guide, which is among the first of its kind in the region. The report maps out the process of legislative drafting in Egypt, identifies existing challenges in the current legislative and regulatory framework, and explores how the Egyptian Legislative Drafting Guide could help overcome these challenges. The report concludes with tailored policy recommendations to help maximise the potential of the Egyptian Legislative Drafting Guide as a tool for obtaining better outcomes from legislation.


Executive Summary

The 2012 OECD Recommendation of the Council on Regulatory Policy and Governance demonstrates that good regulatory management helps stimulate economic activity at both domestic and international levels. A well-functioning regulatory framework enables efficient markets and helps protect citizens against financial, economic and societal uncertainties. Law drafting techniques and procedures have a direct impact on the effectiveness of legislation and regulatory quality. Transparent and coherent legislative drafting procedures help promote public participation in the rule-making process, foster trust in the justice system, reinforce the rule of law and create an enabling business environment where citizens and businesses can identify their rights and obligations.


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