Good Governance in Egypt

Legislative Drafting Manual for Better Policy

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This report looks at the role of legislative drafting manuals in enhancing legislative and regulatory quality. It presents experiences and good practices from both OECD and MENA countries in the preparation and application of these manuals. In particular, the report discusses the preparation of Egypt’s legislative drafting guide, which is among the first of its kind in the region. The report maps out the process of legislative drafting in Egypt, identifies existing challenges in the current legislative and regulatory framework, and explores how the Egyptian Legislative Drafting Guide could help overcome these challenges. The report concludes with tailored policy recommendations to help maximise the potential of the Egyptian Legislative Drafting Guide as a tool for obtaining better outcomes from legislation.



This report is written for decision makers, policy makers, public officials and the international community working on better regulation and legislation. The report sheds light on the role of legislative drafting manuals in enhancing legislative and regulatory quality and promoting good governance; and provides evidence and good practices from the OECD countries in the preparation and implementation of the legislative drafting manuals. In particular, the report focuses on the first Egyptian legislative drafting manual The Egyptian Legislative Drafting Manual is accessible online on the website of the Ministry of Justice: http://www.jp.gov.eg/ar/Ministry_of_Justice_Design_of_Legislative_Guide.pdf (accessed 22 July 2019)., which is prepared by the Ministry of Justice of Egypt with the support of the OECD. This report aims to assess the legislative drafting manual of Egypt, which was launched in July 2018 by the Ministry of Justice of Egypt, in light of good practice as outlined in the 2016 Charter and 2012 Recommendation; and provide recommendations for making these legislative drafting instructions more operational and effective. The report is prepared as part of the MENA Transition Fund Project “The Rule of Law in Egypt” of the G7 Deauville Partnership, implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and the African Development Bank. The report is based on the findings of peer-to-peer exchanges, capacity-building activities, technical workshops and a series of study visits to OECD countries, including Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain which have been conducted since 2014. The OECD would like to thank the officials from the Government of Egypt and the OECD peers for their support and commitment as well as the MENA Transition Fund of the G7 Deauville Partnership for the financial support.


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