Global Trends in Government Innovation 2023

image of Global Trends in Government Innovation 2023

In the face of what has increasingly been referred to as an ongoing “permacrisis”, governments must cope with and respond to emerging threats while already grappling with longstanding issues such as climate change, digital disruption and low levels of trust. In this context, understanding new approaches and spreading successful ideas has never been more important. To promote this, the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) has analysed 1 084 innovative initiatives from 94 countries to derive and understand novel government practices. The report discusses four key trends: 1) new forms of accountability for a new era of government, 2) new approaches to care, 3) new methods for preserving identities and strengthening equity and 4) new ways of engaging citizens and residents. Ten case studies and dozens of supporting examples illustrate these trends.


Trend 2: New approaches to care

This chapter introduces the trend on the increasing adoption of new approaches to care. It highlights the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic placed care services under the spotlight with the rapid scaling of technological innovation, especially for healthcare at a distance. The chapter further presents global case studies and examples on innovative approaches taken in the face of increasing demands for mental health solutions, aging populations and growth in chronic diseases, including through the use Artificial Intelligence and behavioural insights.


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