Global Trade Without Corruption

Fighting the Hidden Tariff

image of Global Trade Without Corruption

This report provides an analytical framework for studying integrity in trade, combining insights from OECD work on trade facilitation, responsible business conduct and integrity in customs. It provides data and evidence supporting the view that trade facilitation and integrity are mutually supportive objectives, and suggests measures to effectively tackle corrupt practices affecting global supply chains.


The issue: The cost of corruption hampering trade

Considering the importance of international trade for global economic welfare, the costs generated by non-tariff barriers such as the lack of integrity can be quite significant for the public and private sectors, citizens and society at large. Moreover, trade barriers created by ineffective policies, and burdensome rules and procedures can constitute an important incentive to engage in corrupt behaviour. Therefore, all relevant stakeholders have an interest in elaborating and promoting mutually supportive trade integrity and facilitation policies that would remove ineffective trade barriers while maintaining effective checks and balances on fraud and corruption.


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