Getting It Right

Strategic Agenda for Reforms in Mexico

image of Getting It Right

Getting it Right is one of the most complete toolkits that the OECD has designed to help a country at the start of a new government administration. In this publication, the focus of the Organisation’s multidisciplinary knowledge is on Mexico; the discussion is enriched with international experience, and comparison based on best practices. In addition, the report identifies the Mexican economy’s strengths and weaknesses so as to support the design, promotion and implementation of key public policies for better economic performance.

English Also available in: Spanish

Strengthening Governance at All Levels

The economic transformation of Mexico during the 1980s and 1990s led to a deep transformation of the role of the state in the economy. While Mexico has now become a highly globalised economy, its public management and governance system has had to adapt and modernise in a context of limited fiscal revenues. Significant progress has undoubtedly been made, but improvements have been uneven and advances at the federal level have not always translated into better capacity to design and implement policy across all levels of government. The Pact for Mexico announces a wide range of commitments that will further test the capacity of the public sector to deliver.

English Also available in: Spanish

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