Getting Infrastructure Right

A framework for better governance

image of Getting Infrastructure Right

Infrastructure poses many challenges, from technical and budgetary concerns to delivery and governance issues. But it is crucial for both productivity and inclusiveness. Businesses rely on modern infrastructure to remain competitive, while society depends on good infrastructure to ensure equal opportunity and equal access to services for citizens. Good governance of public infrastructure can thus yield substantial benefits for all. Based on a survey of 27 countries, this report provides an overview of current practices in infrastructure governance and presents practical tools to help policy makers better manage infrastructure.

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Infrastructure governance challenges

Infrastructure has always been difficult to get right. Apart from the technical challenges, poor governance of infrastructure is a major reason why infrastructure projects fail to meet their timeframe, budget, and service delivery objectives. This chapter highlights the current challenges that policy makers are facing today, including the lack of leadership, well defined areas of responsibility and pipeline prioritisation; unstable regulatory frameworks and weak institutional capacity across levels of government; political and social opposition, as well as high vulnerability to corruption, capture and financial mismanagement at all stages of the infrastructure governance cycle.


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