Gender Equality in Canada

Mainstreaming, Governance and Budgeting

image of Gender Equality in Canada

Canada has a long-standing commitment to gender equality and an increasingly ambitious agenda to create a truly inclusive society. Recently, the Government of Canada has been strengthening the federal framework for the governance of gender equality policies by developing institutions, policies, tools and accountability structures. This OECD review of gender equality in Canada makes a number of recommendations to further develop this governance framework. It also assesses Canada’s progress in gender budgeting and provides recommendations for developing a more comprehensive, systematic and sustainable approach.

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Transparency, citizen consultation and accountability

This Chapter looks at the extent to which the Government of Canada is transparent and consultative in its approach to gender equality policy development. A transparent government is critical to building citizen trust and, together with citizen consultation, can underpin evidence-based gender policy-making and improved gender policy results. Canada has taken steps forward in this regard in recent years, and can strengthen this through increased transparency in relation to GBA+ and embedding more systematic and meaningful citizen consultation in the policy development process. This Chapter also considers scrutiny mechanisms in relation to the government’s actions and decisions to achieve greater gender equality. Accountability for the government’s actions on gender could be strengthened if the Parliament of Canada and the Canadian Office of the Auditor General build on their successful interventions in the area of GBA+ and incorporate a greater gender perspective in broader aspects of their work.

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