Gender Equality in Canada

Mainstreaming, Governance and Budgeting

image of Gender Equality in Canada

Canada has a long-standing commitment to gender equality and an increasingly ambitious agenda to create a truly inclusive society. Recently, the Government of Canada has been strengthening the federal framework for the governance of gender equality policies by developing institutions, policies, tools and accountability structures. This OECD review of gender equality in Canada makes a number of recommendations to further develop this governance framework. It also assesses Canada’s progress in gender budgeting and provides recommendations for developing a more comprehensive, systematic and sustainable approach.

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Gender equality in Canada: the state of play

This chapter outlines Canada’s relative position in the OECD for key international gender indicators and provides a historical context on government action in relation to gender equality. The chapter also outlines the current political commitment to a 'feminist agenda' in Canada, and looks at the extent to which this has acted as a catalyst for the federal administration to accelerate the implementation of gender equality initiatives. Finally, the chapter outlines the role of government-wide gender equality policy strategies at federal and sub-national levels in Canada, building on the recently launched Gender Results Framework.

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