Gender Equality in Canada

Mainstreaming, Governance and Budgeting

image of Gender Equality in Canada

Canada has a long-standing commitment to gender equality and an increasingly ambitious agenda to create a truly inclusive society. Recently, the Government of Canada has been strengthening the federal framework for the governance of gender equality policies by developing institutions, policies, tools and accountability structures. This OECD review of gender equality in Canada makes a number of recommendations to further develop this governance framework. It also assesses Canada’s progress in gender budgeting and provides recommendations for developing a more comprehensive, systematic and sustainable approach.

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Canada's institutional approach to gender equality

This chapter considers Canada's institutional design for gender mainstreaming from a whole-of-government perspective by assessing the roles and responsibilities of Status of Women Canada (SWC), the centre of government, federal departments and Statistics Canada in delivering Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) and gender budgeting commitments. It also discusses horizontal coordination structures such as the Cabinet Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, and modalities of collaboration between the Federal Government, Provinces and Territories. Canada's institutional design is well advanced in international terms and is broadly in line with the 2015 Recommendation. To further boost SWC's position as an institutional champion, consideration could be given to modernise its mandate to encompass gender equality and related dimensions of equality and inclusion. Further reinforcement of the challenge function of the centre of government would allow for more effective quality control and impact assessment of GBA+ and gender budgeting.

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