Gaps and Governance Standards of Public Infrastructure in Chile

Infrastructure Governance Review

image of Gaps and Governance Standards of Public Infrastructure in Chile

Chile’s planning and governance framework has supported the roll-out of high quality and efficient infrastructure that has been a key enabler of the country’s rapid development over the past two decades. However, changing circumstances such as climate change, decentralisation and a greater focus on social and territorial equity now require a change in how infrastructure needs are identified and addressed. This review examines Chile’s infrastructure stock and governance standards in light of the country’s 2030 growth agenda and OECD benchmarks, and sets out how such change can be achieved, with a special focus on transport and water infrastructure.

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The governance of water infrastructure in Chile

This chapter identifies Chile’s main water-related infrastructure and governance challenges in urban and rural areas, including rainwater infrastructure and desalination, as well as irrigation systems and dams. The chapter highlights the prominent water risks faced by Chile, as well as drivers that influence water demand and supply, including climate change, economic development, energy, urbanisation, demographic trends and territorial development. The chapter points to some infrastructure deficits both in quantity and type, and it makes some suggestions on how to move forward, including low-cost options such as green and natural infrastructure, demand management techniques and rainwater harvesting. The chapter includes a rudimentary assessment of Chile’s institutional water framework against the OECD Principles for Water Governance and makes some recommendations on how water can drive sustainable growth.

English Also available in: Spanish

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