From Red Tape to Smart Tape

Administrative Simplification in OECD Countries

image of From Red Tape to Smart Tape

“Too much red tape” is a common complaint from businesses and citizens in OECD countries. This report analyses proven approaches commonly adopted by governments to reduce and streamline  administrative procedures like one-stop shops (physical and electronic), simplification of permits and licence procedures, time limits for decision-making, methods to measure administrative burdens, regulatory-compliance assistance for small and medium-size companies, and increasing reliance on IT-based solutions.

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Administrative Simplification in the United Kingdom

There have been sustained attempts since the 1980s to reduce administrative burdens placed on citizens and businesses in the UK. The agenda of the government has become over time more diverse and comprehensive ranging from better regulation, alternatives to administrative regulation, to small business support to e-government. An array of institutions and taskforces (among them the Regulatory Impact Unit or the Better Regulation Task Force) have been set up to drive regulatory policies and to enhance cross-departmental ...

English Also available in: French

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