Fostering Innovation in the Public Sector

image of Fostering Innovation in the Public Sector

Public sector innovation does not happen by itself: problems need to be identified, and ideas translated into projects that can be tested, implemented and shared. To do so, public sector organisations must identify the processes and structures that can support and accelerate innovation. This report looks at how governments can create an environment that fosters innovation. It discusses the role of government management in inhibiting or enabling innovation, and the role that specific functions such as human resources management and budgeting can play. It suggests ways to support innovation – including by managing information, data and knowledge – as well as strategies for managing risk. Drawing on country approaches compiled and analysed by the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, the report presents a framework for collecting and examining data on the ability of central government to foster public sector innovation.



Foreword and acknowledgements

Three years after the launch of the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, public administrations are pursuing innovation more actively than ever, and embedding it in government budgets and programmes. Yet, innovation is, necessarily, an unfinished business. Governments must continually adapt to address new and ever more complex challenges facing societies. Simply improving existing solutions is not always possible nor desirable. Today, governments are starting to look at transforming systems to put individual and social outcomes at the heart of policy approaches.


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