Estonia: Towards a Single Government Approach

image of Estonia: Towards a Single Government Approach

These OECD country reviews examine governance and public management issues from a comprehensive perspective, helping countries to identify how reforms can better reinforce each other in support of overall government objectives.  They also examine reform strategies that have worked in other countries and provide advice as to which reforms can be appropriately adapted to a given country.    

Since the restoration of independence in 1991, Estonia has met the challenge of establishing a fully functional, stable, and modern state.  This review looks at how, building on its significant accomplishments to date, the Estonian public administration can work together as a single government to improve and sustain service delivery to citizens and to meet new challenges on the horizon. 



The Role of the State Following Economic Success

Since re-independence in 1991, and prior to the global financial and economic crisis, Estonia enjoyed one of the most dynamic periods of economic growth among transition and OECD countries. Today, Estonia faces the impact of the crisis together with other challenges threatening fiscal sustainability, including demographic decline and regional disparities. Many positive developments – including longer life spans, rising standards of living and European integration – will also raise new challenges. Over time, Estonia will need to continue to take advantage of its small size to remain strategically agile and to make the most of its national assets. This requires a public administration that is fit-for-purpose in terms of implementing the government’s policy agenda, but that can also provide high quality analysis and advice, ensuring that longer term needs and perspectives are taken into account, and that can work as a single government in the service of citizens and business.


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