Establishing Regulatory Impact Assessment in Mauritius

image of Establishing Regulatory Impact Assessment in Mauritius

As a small, open economy, Mauritius needs a well-performing regulatory system that provides necessary protections while enabling the development of trade and investment and limiting administrative burdens. A robust regulatory impact assessment (RIA) framework can enhance Mauritius’ business environment and attractiveness as a trade and investment partner. In particular, RIA can help Mauritius strengthen its rule-making framework, for example by increasing scrutiny and taking a more evidence-based approach to rulemaking.

This report presents OECD recommendations on to how establish a RIA framework in Mauritius. These recommendations are based upon an analysis of the country’s strengths and challenges, as well as extensive engagement with stakeholders. The recommendations also draw on lessons learnt from RIA implementation in a range of countries and an initial benchmarking of RIA-related best practices and guidance material from various relevant jurisdictions.



Action plan to establish RIA within Mauritius

Based on the analysis and recommendations presented earlier in this report, the OECD has developed an action plan outlining the four priority areas for reform and with concrete actions for establishing a robust RIA framework in Mauritius. The action plan provides a timeline and key milestones for rolling out this programme of work. It also indicates the responsible entities for the various actions proposed under each priority. Moreover, it will also help to assess progress made in delivering the new RIA framework.


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