E-Commerce Challenges in Illicit Trade in Fakes

Governance Frameworks and Best Practices

image of E-Commerce Challenges in Illicit Trade in Fakes

This study provides an overview of government- and industry-specific measures to address the abuse of online platforms by counterfeiters. In recent years, trading platforms have been instrumental in the growth in e-commerce, but at the same time, they can be abused by illicit trade networks. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these problems as people turned to e-commerce during lockdowns and shop closures. Governments and industries have recognised these problems and are addressing them in various ways, including providing more transparency, streamlining procedures, and facilitating co-operation.



Governments, platform operators and brand rights holders have actively pursued mechanisms to combat counterfeiting and piracy in e-commerce. Some of these are described Part III of this report. Despite the actions that have been taken, counterfeiting remains a significant problem, which many believe is getting worse as counterfeiters find new and innovative ways to expand their sales. Following are some of the issues that were raised in the discussions carried out with stakeholders in recent webinars and follow-up discussions with experts.


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