Driving Performance at Mexico's Energy Regulatory Commission

image of Driving Performance at Mexico's Energy Regulatory Commission

This report applies the PAFER to Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission and assesses its functions, practices and behaviour. It focuses on internal governance, including structures and processes for decision making, managing financial resources, attracting and retaining talent, managing data and assessing performance. The review identifies a number of challenges and opportunities for improvement, and is a companion to reviews of the internal governance of two other Mexican energy regulators, the Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment and the National Hydrocarbons Commission, and the review of the external governance of the country’s energy sector, Driving Peformance of Mexico’s Energy Regulators.

English Also available in: Spanish

Foreword and acknowledgements

Regulators help ensure access to and quality of public utilities, facilitate investment and protect market neutrality. Good internal and external governance of regulators is crucial to ensure that they fulfil these functions and perform effectively. Internal governance includes organisational structures, behaviour, accountability, business processes, reporting and performance management, while external governance entails the roles, relationships and distribution of powers and responsibilities with other government and non-government institutions. The OECD has developed an innovative framework that supports good external and internal governance by helping regulators assess functions, practices and behaviour, and identify drivers of performance.

English Also available in: Spanish

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