Drivers of Trust in Public Institutions in Finland

image of Drivers of Trust in Public Institutions in Finland

Public trust is a cornerstone of the Finnish administrative and political model, it has also been a key element of Finland's successful response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Preserving and strengthening the Finnish trust capital will be of essence for facing trade-offs and challenges ahead, particularly on the recovery phase following the pandemic. Through the combination of quantitative and qualitative methods this study examines the key determinants of trust in government, the local government and the public administration in Finland. Overall, it finds that responsiveness of public services and reliability of policies are key determinants of trust in institutions in Finland.


Drivers of trust in government in Finland: Competence

This chapter builds on the empirical analysis carried out for this case study. It deepens the analysis in a key driver of trust: competence. This encompasses responsiveness, or government’s ability to deliver services at the quality level that people expect, and reliability, or the effective management of social, economic and political uncertainty, all the while incorporating evolving needs and addressing future challenges. It discusses several trends with the potential of influencing public trust: the long-awaited reform of the socio-health service provision; service design and delivery in the digital age; the strengthening of an ecosystem that promotes innovation in the public administration; and the integration of foresight exercises into policy making. It puts forward some opportunities for policy actions that could contribute to strengthening the Finnish trust capital.



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