Digital Government Review of Sweden

Towards a Data-driven Public Sector

image of Digital Government Review of Sweden

This digital government review asseses the state of data-driven policies and initiatives in the Swedish public sector. It explores the underlying institutional governance and co-ordination arrangements for digital government in the country, and their impact on policy implementation. It also discusses data-sharing and managing initiatives, data governance and open government data practices. The review looks at how Sweden could better share knowledge, promote innovation and improve collaboration both across the public sector and with external stakeholders. Finally, it highlights how the government can use data to build a closer relationship with citizens in order to address policy challenges, improve public service delivery, and, ultimately, strengthen public trust.



Assessment and recommendations

Social values in Sweden favour consensus, collaboration, equality, inclusion and a temperate mindset. These values contribute to an organisational culture in the public sector where decision-making processes are characterised by consensus and the avoidance of conflict, and provide an important baseline for fostering collaborative approaches to transform the government into a platform for value co-creation. However, they can also hinder efficient and agile decision making, interfere with the need for clear and solid policy leadership, and create organisational barriers for collaboration.


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