Digital Government Review of Slovenia

Leading the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

image of Digital Government Review of Slovenia

This Digital Government Review of Slovenia explores how the Government of Slovenia could enhance and harness digital government to achieve broader strategic goals. It evaluates the efforts made so far by the Slovenian government in shifting towards a digital government approach by looking at institutional governance, institutional digital talent, public service delivery and the strategic use of data. The review provides policy recommendations to allow Slovenia to make the most of digital technologies to foster a citizen and data-driven administration and to enable and sustain the digital transformation of the public sector.


Data-driven public sector

This chapter analyses and assesses the situation regarding public sector data in Slovenia using the OECD Data-Driven Public Sector Framework. The first section considers a model of data governance for government as a whole, and within organisations, that strategically covers leadership and vision; tactically addresses the capacities for coherent implementation and the necessary rules, laws, guidelines and standards; and operationally ensures the necessary data architecture and infrastructure to support the generation, collection, storage, processing, publication, sharing and re-use of data. The second section considers how public value can be generated by applying data to anticipate and plan, deliver, and evaluate and monitor. Finally, the chapter considers the role of data for public trust in terms of ethics, privacy and consent, transparency and security.


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