Digital Government Review of Panama

Enhancing the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

image of Digital Government Review of Panama

This review explores how Panama can enhance and harness digital government to achieve broader strategic goals at both national and local levels. It looks at institutional governance, legislation, and inter-departmental co-ordination, including institutional capacities and skills for delivering quality public services. It identifies opportunities for making public service delivery more efficient and inclusive, as well as for expanding the strategic use of data. The review provides policy recommendations to help Panama enable and sustain the digital transformation of the public sector.



Service design and delivery

This chapter analyses the service design and delivery landscape in the Panamanian public sector. It discusses the existing culture for service design and delivery, and details the resources and enablers that support delivery and adoption. The chapter highlights the challenges of digital inclusion including the country’s connectivity infrastructure, digital literacy and accessibility. It then considers Government as a Platform capabilities including the channels for accessing services, standards and guidance and digital identity (DI). Finally, the chapter looks at the issues of data and interoperability, emerging and disruptive technologies, and the potential for cross-border services in the Latin America and Caribbean region.


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