Digital Government Review of Norway

Boosting the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

image of Digital Government Review of Norway

Norway has long used technology to streamline processes within the public sector and bring the government closer to citizens and businesses. Now the country is going further, seeking to transform its public sector through the full assimilation of digital technologies. The goal is to make it more efficient, collaborative, user- and data-driven, and better able to respond to the changing needs and expectations of citizens and businesses. This review analyses the efforts under way and provides policy advice to support the Norwegian government in implementing digital government.



On the path to digital transformation in Norway

This chapter discusses the evolution from e-government to digital government in Norway since 2005, when the OECD published the OECD e-Government study of Norway. It highlights the path the Norwegian government has followed in terms of the governance for digital government in the country. It also underlines the main social, economic and policy context driving the digital transformation of the public sector in Norway, and the potential contribution of digital technologies for the achievement of national and supranational policy goals.


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