Digital Government Review of Norway

Boosting the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

image of Digital Government Review of Norway

Norway has long used technology to streamline processes within the public sector and bring the government closer to citizens and businesses. Now the country is going further, seeking to transform its public sector through the full assimilation of digital technologies. The goal is to make it more efficient, collaborative, user- and data-driven, and better able to respond to the changing needs and expectations of citizens and businesses. This review analyses the efforts under way and provides policy advice to support the Norwegian government in implementing digital government.



Improving ICT management and strategic planning in Norway

This chapter focuses on the existing capacities across the Norwegian public sector to support an efficient, coherent and sustainable digital transformation. Starting with an overview of the information and communications technology (ICT) expenditures in the Norwegian public administration, the analysis will assess the cost-benefit practices in use, namely business-case methodologies to guide ICT investments. The existence of standardised models for ICT project management in the public sector will also be explored as a relevant policy lever to increase co-ordination, synergies, knowledge sharing and sound monitoring of digital government development. The chapter will discuss the landscape of digital skills in the Norwegian public sector and the strategic selection of responsibilities between the public and private sector with regard to core functions and tasks, e.g. related to ICT projects management. The analysis will close with an assessment of the Norwegian public sector’s experience and practices in the procurement of ICT.


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