Digital Government Review of Morocco

Laying the Foundations for the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector in Morocco

image of Digital Government Review of Morocco

Morocco aims to become a major industrial hub in Africa. To do so, it is taking steps to transform its administration and ensure the sustainable growth of its emerging digital economy and society. This review analyses the efforts under way to integrate digital technologies  in the public sector, and provides policy advice to support the Kingdom of Morocco in implementing a strategic digital government policy.

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Towards transformational governance of public sector digitalisation in Morocco

This chapter takes a look at the governance of digital government in Morocco. Using the OECD Framework for the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector, it highlights current trends in digitalisation and how they are expected to impact public sector operations, and the governance of digitalisation more specifically. It considers Morocco’s experience with its Maroc Numéric 2013 strategy, and the shortcomings of its governance processes. It then assesses the new Maroc Numéric 2020. Based on OECD country experiences and best practices, the chapter considers different alternatives for new organisational arrangements for digital government, covering the governance of strategic decision making, the governance of ICT projects, monitoring and evaluation systems as well as funding mechanisms for digital government initiatives. The chapter proposes recommendations aimed at strengthening the governance of digital government in ways that ensure effective co-ordination and delivery of digital initiatives and foster collaboration across the public sector.

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