Digital Government Review of Morocco

Laying the Foundations for the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector in Morocco

image of Digital Government Review of Morocco

Morocco aims to become a major industrial hub in Africa. To do so, it is taking steps to transform its administration and ensure the sustainable growth of its emerging digital economy and society. This review analyses the efforts under way to integrate digital technologies  in the public sector, and provides policy advice to support the Kingdom of Morocco in implementing a strategic digital government policy.

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Executive summary

Digital technologies are increasingly pervasive in society, profoundly affecting social interactions and dynamics. In this context, governments need to rethink their role, scope of action and ways of working to adjust to changing expectations and needs. Digital technologies should be considered a core element in the design and delivery of public policies and services. This is particularly true as governments develop new ways of interacting with citizens and businesses, including working together to create public value by using “government as a platform”. The digital transformation of the public sector implies a shift from e-government, or the digitisation of paper-based business and service-delivery processes, to a “digital by design” re-engineering of services and processes. This transformation requires governments to take a user-driven approach, empowering citizens and business to interact and collaborate with the public sector to determine and address their own needs.

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