Digital Government Review of Latin America and the Caribbean

Building Inclusive and Responsive Public Services

image of Digital Government Review of Latin America and the Caribbean

This report explores how governments in Latin America and the Caribbean can use digital technology and data to foster responsiveness, resilience and proactiveness in the public sector. This report looks at governance frameworks, digital government capabilities, data-driven public sector, public service design and delivery, and digital innovation in the public sector. It identifies trends, challenges, strengths, and opportunities for cross-border collaboration and provides policy recommendations to achieve an efficient and sustainable digital transformation of governments across the region.

English Also available in: Spanish

Executive summary

As the fast-paced digital transformation brings tremendous opportunities for citizens to participate in society and the economy, these can be also undermined by the risks associated with how digital technologies are developed, used, and adopted. Embracing a human-centric approach to the digital transformation is essential to leverage its opportunities while managing related risks, in order to deliver results that benefit all and leave no one behind. Taking decisive steps to strengthen digital government is thus critical for governments to be able to meet today’s public governance challenges as well as the evolving needs of societies. Given the increasing adoption of digital technologies in the public sector, governments need to develop solid governance arrangements and capabilities that enable a fair, trustworthy, and sustainable digital transformation.

English Also available in: Spanish

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