Digital Government Review of Colombia

Towards a Citizen-Driven Public Sector

image of Digital Government Review of Colombia

This review analyses the shift from e-government to digital government in Colombia. It looks at the governance framework for digital government, the use of digital platforms and open data to engage and collaborate with citizens, conditions for a data-driven public sector, and policy coherence in a context of significant regional disparities. It provides concrete policy recommendations on how digital technologies and data can be harnessed for citizen-driven policy making and public service delivery.

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Fostering a more collaborative and citizen-driven Colombian public sector

This chapter analyses the conditions for leveraging digital technology and open data, with the aim of promoting a public sector which is both citizen-driven as well as proactive in establishing approaches for its own use as an enabling platform for the digital government ecosystem. It also examines the context of government transparency and openness, as well as Colombia’s position with regard to the digital participation and collaboration of its citizens. Inclusive citizen engagement is also analysed, including the use and leverage of digital technology and open data for promoting a more active citizen role, also considering vulnerable communities.

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