Digital Government Review of Brazil

Towards the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

image of Digital Government Review of Brazil

Like most OECD countries, Brazil has been taking steps towards digital government to ensure that public policies and services are more inclusive, convenient and designed to meet citizens’ needs. This report takes stock of the progress made by the Brazilian government, based on good practices and principles in OECD countries, and provides recommendations to help Brazil drive its digital transformation of the public sector.



Strengthening institutional capabilities for the sound implementation of digital government policy in Brazil

This chapter takes a look at the institutional capacities required for the sound implementation of the Brazilian digital government policy, in line with Pillar 3 of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies. It starts by focusing on the digital skills panorama in Brazil’s federal public administration. It then assesses the institutional mechanisms in place to streamline information and communication technology (ICT) investments in the public sector, namely cost-benefit analysis, business cases and project management standards. The chapter closes with a section dedicated to the analysis and discussion of the ICT procurement context in Brazil, focusing on the institutional tools in place to reinforce the coherency of ICT spending in the country’s federal government.


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