Digital Government Review of Brazil

Towards the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

image of Digital Government Review of Brazil

Like most OECD countries, Brazil has been taking steps towards digital government to ensure that public policies and services are more inclusive, convenient and designed to meet citizens’ needs. This report takes stock of the progress made by the Brazilian government, based on good practices and principles in OECD countries, and provides recommendations to help Brazil drive its digital transformation of the public sector.




The Digital Government Review of Brazil assesses the federal government’s digital government policies, programmes and projects, and provides concrete policy recommendations for their improvement, drawing on practices and experiences of the OECD. The analysis focuses on how to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of Brazil’s Digital Governance Strategy, connecting it with the broader objectives and programmes of the country’s public sector reform agenda. The targeted and practical policy recommendations aim to help the Brazilian government capitalise on its digital government achievements and strategically plan and implement a shift from e-government to digital government.


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