Digital Government in Peru

Working Closely with Citizens

image of Digital Government in Peru

This digital government study explores the state of the digitalisation of the public sector in Peru. It addresses recent efforts to build an institutional and legal framework to support the digital transformation of the public sector. It also discusses the design and delivery of, and access to, public services, and the role that digital technologies can play in improving them. Finally, this report assesses the state of data governance and open data in Peru’s public sector.



Tracing the path towards a digital government in Peru

This chapter provides a general overview of Peru’s digital government efforts and contextualises the collaboration of the OECD and the Government of Peru. More specifically, it advances the OECD’s analytical framework for digital government strategies and provides a long-term view on the partnership of the OECD and Peru in driving enabling policies for the successful use of digital technologies to deliver better government. In addition, this chapter also provides a broad picture of Peru’s socio-economic context and the levels of connectivity and ICT penetration, helping the reader better grasp the environment in which digital government policies are being adopted. Finally, the chapter closes by presenting a timeline of most important milestones in the evolution of digital government in the country.


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