Digital Government in Chile – A Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation

image of Digital Government in Chile – A Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation

This study assesses the evolution, achievements and challenges in the design and implementation of digital government strategies in Chile since 2004. It aims to support the Government of Chile in framing and implementing future strategic decisions and developing digital capacity throughout the public sector. In particular, it looks at how Chile can build a whole-of-government approach to embed digital approaches into everyday government operations.

The study argues that for Chile to ensure the sustainability of its achievements to date it should work towards shared ownership of, and responsibility for, the digital government strategy throughout the public administration.



Executive Summary

The age of digital transformation has come and, as other technological revolutions before, it is profoundly changing models of production, communication, and socialisation. This revolution is however unprecedented in terms of breadth, depth and speed. The digital revolution is deploying and embedding technology into our lives at a faster and faster rate. As it does so, it affects the structures and operations of both private and public organisations.


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