Developing an Integrated Approach to Green Infrastructure in Italy

image of Developing an Integrated Approach to Green Infrastructure in Italy

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This report provides an overview of green infrastructure planning and the use of nature-based solutions in Italy. It identifies key challenges and trade-offs and provides recommendations to promote their uptake across the different levels of government. The report also analyses four case studies that have been identified in agreement with the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport: the Green Node in Bari, the metro line M4 in Milan, the Ridracoli Dam in Emilia-Romagna, and the railway line Bicocca-Catenanuova.

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An integrated approach to green infrastructure

Despite the increasingly recognised benefits of green infrastructure (GI), the consideration and uptake of GI remains limited. The main challenges to mainstream the implementation of GI are related to the institutional, regulatory, and financing framework in place, as well as the existing technical capacity. This chapter identifies and discusses some of these challenges and trade-offs for GI planning and development in OECD countries. It brings together insights, good practices, and a discussion on the lessons learned from the perspective of public governance, environment and transport policies and planning. The chapter considers a life-cycle perspective to propose an integrated approach to GI. It first looks at the institutional and regulatory framework needed to enable GI, to then identify the main elements necessary to promote GI during the planning, appraisal, financing, procurement, and maintenance of infrastructure assets.

English Also available in: Italian

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