Delivering Better Policies Through Behavioural Insights

New Approaches

image of Delivering Better Policies Through Behavioural Insights

As behavioural insights (BI) become more widely used, countries are looking to expand the application of the methodology to new frontiers of policy making. This report tests behaviourally informed solutions to complex policy problems in the fields of competition, consumer protection, energy consumption and safety through a variety of theoretical and experimental approaches. The results give policy makers new ideas for tackling policy problems related to individual behaviour, as well as for changing the behaviour of organisations.




Behavioural insights (BI) has greatly expanded our understanding of how the psychological, social and cultural factors governing human behaviour affect policy outcomes. Governments increasingly recognise the value of BI: OECD research has mapped over 200 government units, initiatives and partnerships across the world applying BI to public policy. As BI has become more prevalent, countries are using it to address new and more complex policy problems.


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